Anonymous said: You are absolutely fucking gorgeous. I just discovered you today and the beauty of your face alone is truly breathtaking. You have nothing to be subconscious of on a visual level and your personality looks great aswell based on tumblr and twitter feeds :P. I'm from Ontario as well. Hope we can meet someday

Omfg who is this

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The Story So Far - High Regard

Lead singer of Real Friends, Dan Lambton. He was giving autographs to us over the fence but got tired so he went around the fence to talk to us afterwards. He’s such a badass guy in person.


just came across this gem and idk there’s something about it i love idk what it is but i just like how it’s out of focus but the rectangle still stands out


i will get more attached to your dog than i am to you

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World’s cutest kitten promoted to Queen of the Clovers